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laravel’s database migration and seed

I have not used laravel 4’s migration and seed features much until couple days ago.
Oh boy, it’s a really sexy tool.

It does not matter whether you are in a team or you are all alone doing everything. It’s a feature that every single develop must use if integrating with a database!

Theoretically if you are a disciplined developer and use those features, confidence level of your database changes when deploying will be very high. I promise!

You will end up needing these if you decide to go with it:

*migration* file should be used for any changes that affect db schemas.
*seeding* file should be used to pre-populate data into db.

I thought it’d be beneficial to add some sample codes.

To create migration file, run this at Laravel’s app directory:

The above command line creates a file something like:

And its content looks something like this:

As you can take a guess, up method is where you change db schema. down method is where you rollback the change.

So let's say I want to add column "username" to "users" table.

(If you want to know more about available methods to manipulate db schema, click here.)

Now you want to run against your db? Then don't look further. Just run this:

After you run the command line, Laravel adds that particular code to migrations db table and that's how it keeps track of history.

Now you realize that you made a mistake and want to rollback your last change, run this:

I'll add seeding sample to the blog post later...