note to myself on mongoDB procedure

For PHP MongoDB Driver
sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install php5-dev php5-cli php-pearsudo pecl install mongo// if apache2cd /etc/php5/apache2sudo vim php.iniadd "" without double quotes/wq! and entersudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

For MongoDB Server
sudo apt-get adv --keyserver --recv 7F0CEB10sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.listadd "deb dist 10gen" without double quotes/wq! and entersudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install mongodb-10gen

To launch mongodb commandline

Cholesterol numbers

I received an email from Aetna (my insurance company) regarding cholesterol numbers and thought it would be useful to remember what numbers are desirable and record it as a reference.

Total cholesterol
Desirable – below 200
Borderline high – 200-239
High – 240 or above

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Whoa! YouTube Now Supports 4096p Video

The first thing that came to me was how the hell new ISP’s price model gonna affect this? The trend is that ISPs are capping the monthly bandwidth. If consumers start viewing 4096p videos, how soon they reach the cap? Like this article I wonder what’s the result off the test out though?

Maybe. it’s maybe. google has a plan to become major ISP throughout many cities and towns at affordable price with no limited bandwidth to support what they just announced?


misperception of H.264 on the Flash

It’s a very good read.

As he pointed out in his blog post, I think for some reasons many people seem to believe in HTML5 video without knowing the fact that there is *no standard in the video codec* yet.

We all know that Apple is pursuing H.264 for video codec as a standard, but there is still possibility not all browser vendors agree to use one video codec in the next several years for whatever reasons. Also there will be always newer codec that replaces H.264 and what will happen to the unofficial video codec standard?

As for the video player itself, video tag provides limited feature set whileas Flash player can have rich feature sets. In order to add new features to the video player (video tag), browser has to be upgraded whileas Flash author can upgrade the feature sets more freely.

I just feel that web is still messy and will be as it was as developers worked to fix compatibility issues between IE and Netscape. Now it’s another form of incompatibility issue.

ATT upgrade eligibility for iPhone

Last time I checked the eligibility via ATT site, I was supposed to be eligible on 05/23/2010.

However, the date moved when I checked it today. WTH.

ATT Eligibility for iPhone

So I gotta wait until August 24th to buy fourth gen iPhone. ATT is playing with iPhone users to squeeze dime out of their pockets.

ubuntu upgrade from hardy to intrepid. nginx fails.

Last night I upgraded ubuntu server (hardy) to intrepid. Everything went except nginx failed to serve php pages. Basically all requests to my site got 502 BAD GATEWAY error. So I thought maybe i had to upgrade nginx to a newer version that might be compatible with intrepid.

But later I realized that I downloaded nginx source, compiled and installed it manually. So after getting nginx via aptitude was a big mistake.

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blogging in Korean language

It’s time to start doing it and the reasons are:

1. to get useful info spread to Korean users
2. to get to know awesome Korean engineers
3. i’m a Korean and can type in Korean language

Mobile App Engineer Trend

Web vs. Mobile web

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that many tech companies are investing more resources (engineering, marketing, and budget) into mobile strategy. The example? Apple.

It’s still that web pages are more dominant than mobile web pages, but more and more companies are providing alternative web pages just for mobile devices (mobile webkit).

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