Godaddy rejected domain transfer to Namecheap

UPDATE: So GoDaddy rejected my request to transfer my domain names to namecheap yesterday and they sent an email today saying “I’ve been selected for special 15% discount” Yay. Funny, I will make an angry call tomorrow.


I do not understand why they decided to reject my transfer?

Here’s an email content from

Domain Transfer Cancelled : ————
Date: 1/5/2012 9:11:48 PM

Dear xxxx,

This notice is to inform you that your domain transfer was cancelled
due to the reason mentioned below.

Domain Name : ———
Transferred for : 1 year(s)
Transfer Order ID : 4—-446
Credit Card / Funds Transaction ID : 8———97617

Reason for Cancellation :
Canceled – The current registrar has rejected transfer (please contact them for details)

The refund for this cancelled transfer has been issued to your Namecheap account. In rare cases, it might take up to 24 hours for the refund to be available in your account. Once available, you can use those funds to easily resubmit the transfer if you wish to do so.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Namecheap Team

I will see what godaddy has to say about the domain transfer. stay tuned!

bad idea if yahoo buys hulu

The unknown prospective buyer of Hulu may have been Yahoo. A scoop late Tuesday said that the early search firm, at least at one point in recent memory, had raised the possibility of buying Hulu.

Hulu, founded in 2008, is co-owned by News Corp.’s (NWS) Fox, Comcast (CMCSA, Fortune 500), Walt Disney Co.’s (DIS, Fortune 500) ABC and private equity firm Providence Equity Partners.

Look at the ownership of hulu. Major broadcasting companies and they are the one who decides whether to charge $$$ on the license. What if after Yahoo buys hulu and then the content providers up the license fee greatly. Yahoo can not sustain the hulu and shut down the site eventually.

If a buyout is in the works, it could be a comparatively easy exit strategy for Hulu and its diverse collection of owners. Hulu reportedly abandoned its plans for an IPO last year because it wasn’t able to secure long-term deals with content providers.

The whole reason for hulu to sell is that they are not sure about the long-term deals.

So it’s bad move by yahoo if they buy it unless they secure long-term deals. I mean *long-term* deal. However, even if they get the long-term deals, look at what happened to yahoo music streaming service and yahoo tv listings. They are already gone because of license issue. They should’ve learned the lessons already.

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Tips on how to write a resume for web developer/engineer

I’ve been screening a lot of resumes these days to fill out one open position in our team. However, most of resumes that I reviewed writes about what projects were about and what role the candidate was on.

I rejected most of those resumes and sent back to recruiter.

Resume is a representation of you as an developer/engineer. As an engineer, don’t you want to discuss how you solve an puzzle instead of telling me what the puzzle was all about, what the rule the puzzle had, and so on?

I am looking for a resume that shows me how you solved an issue, how you improved performance, why you chose this approach over that approach, and so on.

In summary, I’d like to see more details on how and why you do.