Weekend Project – Backyard Makeover #1

I’ve been living in my place for little more than 3 years and have not done anything to my backyard except regular mowing and trimming some branches.

Now California weeds took over my grass and it got already out of my hand. Facing the backyard challenging, I’ve set a resolution for 2016 although it’s already past the new year: Backyard Makeover!

Without further due, this is the current state of my backyard.
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merging two git repos with history

I needed to merge two repos with history so that the target repo has merging repo’s history. This answer at stackoverflow had solved my issue.

So that was to merge project-a into project-b.

One thing I need to note is that project-b and project-a have to be git-cloned already, so prerequisite for the above the order of execution was as follows:

Also, don’t forget to commit your changes after the merge.

Simple Http Server on Mac

While working on html/css/js, it’s convenient to view those pages from http server. However, I don’t want to use MAMP or Virtual machine to set up nginx/apache.

I found this pro tip from this.

So I ended up with adding an alias to my .bash_profile file as follows:

Note that port number below 1024 cannot be bound as a normal user. This is meant to simply run a http server for development purpose. Do not use it to run your web application.

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Added Apple wireless keyboard to my iPad

#TIL that i could use the Apple wireless keyboard on my iPad, which will change how I use my iPad dramatically, I believe.

Anyhow I haven’t blogged much lately (since last year) ’cause I was very busy with projects at my work place. I’ve been doing something related to private cloud infrastructure for the organization. What I can say is it involves OpenStack, Netflix’s Asgard.

BTW there was a news article about Walmart going with OpenStack that powers around 100,000 nodes.

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