VirtualBox and VBoxVmService for browser testing

When it comes to browser testing, I had struggled to keep an user session open for testing box when Jenkins initiated a browser testing job. So my solution for that was to run VirtualBox and VBoxVmService so that each virtual box runs as a windows service and it worked out very nicely for my purpose.

I used VirtualBox 4.2.18 and some settings are:

  • Network settings
    • Adapter 1 for NAT(for outbound)
    • Adapter 2 for Host-only (for inbound)


  • Download
  • It makes a virtualbox machine run as a window service in headless mode
  • When Virtualbox machines run as a window service, VirtualBox should not be run. They cannot run simultaneously.
  • Add a list of VBox machines in VBoxVmService.ini file as seen below:

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