Fighting Gravity vs Matrix Ping Pong.

I happened to watch the excerpt of “fighting gravity” from America’s Got Talent. Judges were like “you are so original”, “great”, and so on. However, it’s not quite original in my opinion. I believe credit should be given to the japanese matrix ping pong.

Anyways, here are two clips:

“Fighting Gravity from America’s Got Talent”:

Matrix Ping Pong from a Japanese show program:

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Cholesterol numbers

I received an email from Aetna (my insurance company) regarding cholesterol numbers and thought it would be useful to remember what numbers are desirable and record it as a reference.

Total cholesterol
Desirable – below 200
Borderline high – 200-239
High – 240 or above

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Yahoo Performance Team is hiring a hybrid engineer

I was told by my friend who works for Yahoo Performance Team in Sunnyvale that they are looking for a hybrid engineer(FE/BE) and its role is :

  • primary developer for the next generation of Y!Slow
  • Roundtrip FE and performance related research
  • evangelism (teaching classes, speaking in conference, and so on)

It sounds very interesting to me. Also it is highly visible role in the company as well as industry. Let me know if any of you are interested in the job. 🙂

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I’ve launched a sorta social site “” few weeks ago. Since then I’ve got some users signed up, but they are all from my work place. I should add a section for instruction since people told me that they did not know what to do with basically. That was a good point indeed.

I know what it is for since I created it. If I summarize what the site is for, here it is:

main features

  • Message board based on topic and topic becomes a group.
  • Email notification when user posts a message (default), so works like email list as well
  • Twitter like UI
  • User can view their group posts at home page
  • Private and Public group


  • Entire site on secure channel (SSL)
  • Strong salt technique for user’s password
  • Daily Data backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Validation of users

public group feature

  • Anyone can see the messages
  • Anyone can create a group
  • Anyone can join a group if signed up
  • Messages and title are searchable
  • Can share via facebook, digg, and so on
  • unlimited number of groups per user

private group feature

  • Invitation only and invitee has to accept the invitation to join the group
  • Search does not index private groups
  • No one can know existence of private groups except group members
  • No one can view messages in private groups except group members

I have to admit that the site needs more features. However, I think is ready for more users and users can take full advantages of it.

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Whoa! YouTube Now Supports 4096p Video

The first thing that came to me was how the hell new ISP’s price model gonna affect this? The trend is that ISPs are capping the monthly bandwidth. If consumers start viewing 4096p videos, how soon they reach the cap? Like this article I wonder what’s the result off the test out though?

Maybe. it’s maybe. google has a plan to become major ISP throughout many cities and towns at affordable price with no limited bandwidth to support what they just announced?