Security alerts – github

First time I noticed Data Services on github repo and was so impressed with its Security alerts service. It’s free as of now, but I can kinda see where it may go… (cough cough blackduck… or a similar paid service)

Nonetheless, since I turned on Security alerts on some of my personal repos I have received so many emails warning about security vulnerabilities that exist in those repos. Also, there is another feature that github automatically submits a PR to fix the issue for you.

Added Apple wireless keyboard to my iPad

#TIL that i could use the Apple wireless keyboard on my iPad, which will change how I use my iPad dramatically, I believe.

Anyhow I haven’t blogged much lately (since last year) ’cause I was very busy with projects at my work place. I’ve been doing something related to private cloud infrastructure for the organization. What I can say is it involves OpenStack, Netflix’s Asgard.

BTW there was a news article about Walmart going with OpenStack that powers around 100,000 nodes.

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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

I watched Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome last night and felt it was too short. One thing I liked about Battlestar Galatica series was that the whole storyline weighed on philosophical views (and, of course, battle scenes). However, this short series did not have one (’cause it was too short).

At the end I enjoyed it because I am a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica. (I even liked Caprica so much)

Here’s link to amazon:

Continue Integration setup at new work place

Recently I finished setting up Jenkins for starting CI at the new work place. The minimum requirements for the environment were:

  • Jenkins server
  • centos 6.2 (I could’ve used a different os, but centos was the company wide server os)
  • VirtualBox for integration environment for component tests
  • PHPUnit
  • PHP DbUnit
  • PHP CodeSniffer (I created company standard based on PEAR standard)
  • PHP Mess Detector
  • ant (initially I started phing, but decided to go with ant)
  • phplint (php -l) 🙂

Our developer’s code coverage agreement is 70% or more. It’s working pretty nicely and it definitely gave our developers more confidence in the code and system that we are building although I am not 100% satisfied with the current setup yet because I really wanted to implement package deployment system. (For that I am generating tar file only when jenkins job passes and the file gets pushed to integration environment for component tests)

When I have some time, I will write about more details.

Yahoo’s user engagement

I stumbled upon a sport article that is in Yahoo! sports site.

Scroll down and check out how many comments are there for the article.
I have not seen that many comments even in reddit often. That’s just mind blowing user engagement to me.

Yahoo’s still got it in my opinion although press and tech industry pick on Yahoo often because of its mass user base.

another article that has almost near 7k comments.

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server migration *again*

I’m now in the process of consolidating servers into one. I am still using ubuntu for my personal server at rackspace and maybe in the future I might change it to centos or fedora as I’m using one of those at work a lot nowadays.

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