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Continue Integration setup at new work place

Recently I finished setting up Jenkins for starting CI at the new work place. The minimum requirements for the environment were:

  • Jenkins server
  • centos 6.2 (I could’ve used a different os, but centos was the company wide server os)
  • VirtualBox for integration environment for component tests
  • PHPUnit
  • PHP DbUnit
  • PHP CodeSniffer (I created company standard based on PEAR standard)
  • PHP Mess Detector
  • ant (initially I started phing, but decided to go with ant)
  • phplint (php -l) 🙂

Our developer’s code coverage agreement is 70% or more. It’s working pretty nicely and it definitely gave our developers more confidence in the code and system that we are building although I am not 100% satisfied with the current setup yet because I really wanted to implement package deployment system. (For that I am generating tar file only when jenkins job passes and the file gets pushed to integration environment for component tests)

When I have some time, I will write about more details.