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Tips on how to write a resume for web developer/engineer

I’ve been screening a lot of resumes these days to fill out one open position in our team. However, most of resumes that I reviewed writes about what projects were about and what role the candidate was on.

I rejected most of those resumes and sent back to recruiter.

Resume is a representation of you as an developer/engineer. As an engineer, don’t you want to discuss how you solve an puzzle instead of telling me what the puzzle was all about, what the rule the puzzle had, and so on?

I am looking for a resume that shows me how you solved an issue, how you improved performance, why you chose this approach over that approach, and so on.

In summary, I’d like to see more details on how and why you do.

  1. The “how” is something you ask during an interview. To try and explain the “how” in a resume would likely create a short novel, instead of a quick overview of skills and accomplishments. In most cases you don’t want, or need, to know how they did every project. You want to know about what projects they worked on, in what role, and then ask specific questions about a particular project that perhaps relates to what you want to hire them for. If you want to find out how they did something, interview them. It seems like you want to decide on hiring someone before you’ve even talked to them.

  2. I agree/disagree at the same time respectfully. When there are 50 resumes to choose to do the phone technical screening, those are just too many resumes to go through and check how they did their projects via phone. Phone technical screening takes about 30 – 45 mins. Do I want the phone screening to be my full time job? No. If resume has even a brief “how” on each project, I’d be more interested in the candidate to find out more about “how” by talking over the phone and see if the candidate has the how for real. Perhaps this has to be technical recruiter’s job, but again final call on who to pick for phone screening is on engineering team…

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